F1-R — light, clever in design and easy to operate

In January 2021, an entirely new line of floor grinders was launched with the focus on user friendliness and ergonomics. The Start & Grind line is now being complemented with a new grinder – F1-R – bringing remote control, automatic grinding construction is easier.

F1-R floor grinder is a specialized ground grinding equipment for small area construction. The equipment is light, clever in design and easy to operate. The machine can be disassembled quickly, so it is more convenient to handle and transport. The motor and chassis can be easily separated, and the chassis is collapsible for easy handling and transport.

Competitive Advantage:
1. Professional grinding disc, more smooth operation.
2. Powerful power, more time saving.
3. Sophisticated technology, more precise processing.
4. Remote control, more efficient.
5. Human-machine interaction, more simple operation.
6. Intelligent visual, easier management.
7. Dust collection, Environment-friendly and better health.
8. Technological innovation, more stable operation.
9. Rammed material, reliable and more durable.
10. Authoritative design, more beautiful shape.

Post time: Jul-15-2021