About Us

Aeas Floor Systems

Ares Floor Systems is a rapidly expanding
technology company that manufactures and develops surface processing products.

The industry covers: floor grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner, floor polisher, sweeping car, accessories and consumables and other 11 series of nearly 100 products. Today, Ares Floor Systems is a leader in the international market for floor systems based on floor grinder, with several patent-protected technical solutions out on the market. Ares Floor Systems has over 10 years of combined experience in the concrete industry and provide unparalleled customer service. We devoted in use AIOT, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, which is a new high-tech enterprise engaged in researching, designing and manufacturing of floor machinery and solutions for ground system. We are the choice to make for concrete professionals!

Our Business philosophy

With a high level of service and the market's best and most innovative, comprehensive solutions, we provide our customers around the globe with a simple, environmentally friendly and profitable approach to carrying out their day-to-day operations.


The story of Ares Floor Systems

Ares Floor Systems is a powerful, scale leading ground systems processing equipment research and development, manufacturing enterprises. Ares Floor Systems has been awarded the honorary titles of Shanghai High-tech Enterprise and Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise. At the same time, a number of technologies have obtained invention patents, utility models, design, software cop protection, the enterprise and a variety of products through CE, SGS, ISO and other international and domestic certification. We have established a perfect service system with nearly 23,000 partners in China. The marking service outlets have covered more than 100 cities across the country. At the same time, our products are exported to 138 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on.

1. Leading, full-service supplier
The core teams of Ares Floor Systems are top talents who have more than ten years work experience in ground treatment systems and applications. We have rich experience in the research and development, production, quality control, supply chain management, product management and customer service of floor grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner, and sweeping cars.

2. Customer-driven product development
Ares Floor Systems has led development in the floor grinding industry for more than 10 years decades by being an active and responsive partner for contractors all over the world. The strategy has been to actively capture the needs of users, contractors, leasing companies, architects and others who strive to be at the leading edge of development – and to transform their everyday challenges into new opportunities.

3. Strong coordination skills
Ares Floor Systems' strength is in the clear synergies between machines, accessories, tools and the knowledge we provide. Each of the floor grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner, and sweeping cars and methods are among the industry’s best. Together they make up the solutions that create maximum business benefits and optimal results.

4. Excellent customer experience
Ares Floor Systems has highly qualified and experienced representatives that have a vast knowledge of our equipment and applications. Email: order@aresfloorsystems.com

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