X7 Industrial Dust Collectors

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In addition to the connection of grinding equipment, it can also be connected to a handle device for dust collection.

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The Thunder series of industrial dust collectors under Ares brand.
The Thunder series X7 industrial dust collectors under Ares brand.
X7 industrial vacuum cleaner is a necessary equipment in ground grinding and polishing construction.
Unique vacuum dust vibration, back blowing dust cleaning operation system, Clean the filter element regularly to prevent blockage of the filter element.
Self-pulling dust bag is not only convenient for dust removal but also simple in operation.
Integrated control system, simple operation panel function.
The height of this dust collection can be adjusted in the construction and handling link.
In addition to the connection of grinding equipment, it can also be connected to a handle device for dust collection.

1. One barrel body, stronger and more durable
2. lifting function, more convenient transportation
3. Sophisticated technology, more precise processing
4. technological innovation, more stable operation
5. Vacuum back blowing, filter element cleaner
6. Science and technology filter element, filter more thoroughly
7. Self-pulling dust bag makes dust cleaning more convenient
8. Rammed material, reliable and more durable
9. Authoritative design, more beautiful shape
10.Flexible combination, wider function
X7 industrial dust collector takes well-known brand electrical machinery, and its quality assurance and continuous working effect is remarkable.
The appearance of the whole industrial dust collecting equipment is designed by authority, the shape is beautiful and novel and generous.
The dust collecting barrel is thickened, rolled round and formed in one body, which is firm and durable.
The filter element is folded structure, so the filter area is large, not only can effectively filter 99.6% grinding dust then it can effectively collection of grinding residue, but also the filter element has strong pollution carrying capacity and long service life.

X7 project parameter
Whole machine Weight 280KG
 Size 1330*800*1620
Running Motor 7.5KW
Voltage 220V/380V/480V
Theoretical airflow 530M3/h
suction 3200Mbar
Filtering area 47000CM2
match Dust Extraction motor
Dust collecting plant Self-pull dust bag

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