Ares floor systems launches C6 – the Storm series of Floor scrubbers

C5 Floor scrubbers is applicable to epoxy resin, paint, terrazzo, silicon carbide, ceramic tile, marble and other flat floor cleaning, washing and drying is completed in one time
The appearance of C5 floor scrubbers is designed by authority, the shape is beautiful, novel and generous. The machine is compact in size, flexible in turning, easy to operate and easy to maintain and long lasting.

Competitive Advantage:
1. Independent motor, more lasting life.
2. Uniform disc brush, decontamination cleaner.
3. Arc type wiper, water absorption more thoroughly.
4. Small size, turning more flexible.
5. Driving operation, relaxed and more efficient.
6. Simplicity of operation, and maintenance more convenient.
7. Sophisticated technology, more precise processing.
8. Technological innovation, more stable operation.
9. Rammed material, reliable and more durable.
10. Authoritative design, more beautiful shape and more Ergonomic.
11. Increase capacity and enhance operator ergonomics.

Post time: Jul-15-2021